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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Asia and Pacific region - Monitoring report, 11th Edition

    Published: 30 Mar 2021

    By the end of 2018, there were 268 Fairtrade producer organizations in 20 countries throughout the Asia and Pacific region. More than 250,000 farmers and workers in the region make up about 14 percent of the global total in the Fairtrade system. Producers in the region earned €15.4 million in Fairtrade Premium in 2018 to ...

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    Analysis of the producer level impact of Fairtrade on the environment

    Published: 23 Dec 2020

    Fairtrade International commissioned a study to examine the impact of Fairtrade with regard to environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change. For this purpose, the following three Fairtrade interventions were assessed: Fairtrade Standards (Standard for Small-scale Producer ...

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    Women's access, equity and empowerment: Progress and uptake of the Fairtrade gender strategy

    Published: 10 Dec 2020

    This study was commissioned to assess progress on the Fairtrade Gender Strategy 2016-2020, which seeks to build women's equality through three goals: Access and inclusion: Significantly increase the active and equal participation of women in Fairtrade certified smallholder and hired labour organizations; Empowerment and ...

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    2019-2020 Annual Report

    Published: 8 Dec 2020

    Our annual report for 2019-2020 highlights Fairtrade's impact for more than 1.7 million farmers and workers around the world. Focusing on key metrics from 2019, innovative programmes, and timely research, the report presents our work on five strategic priorities: building benefits for farmers and workers, deepening impact ...

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    Fairtrade certified tea in the hired labour sector in India and Sri Lanka: Impact study and baseline data collection

    Published: 20 Nov 2020

    Fairtrade International commissioned this study to better understand Fairtrade’s impact for tea plantations and workers in India and Sri Lanka, in advance of a review of the product-specific Fairtrade Standard for Tea. Researchers from ISS jointly with Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Thiruvananthapuram, India; Centre ...

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    Promoting living incomes in the cocoa sector: Policy options for consumer countries

    Published: 18 Nov 2020

    The case for delivering living incomes in the cocoa sector has been made extensively by Fairtrade, amongst many others. A living income is a basic human right. It enables farmers to secure the basic necessities of life, and from there, to sustain production in harmony with the natural environment and address systemic ...

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    Fairtrade - Partnering for Impact

    Published: 29 Oct 2020

    We acknowledge that we cannot achieve our vision through certification alone. For this reason, Fairtrade complements its certification services with a range of tailored programmes, empowering farmers and workers to tackle their organizational and development challenges. Through strategic partnerships with private ...

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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Overview - Monitoring report, 11th Edition

    Published: 23 Oct 2020

    This report includes data on the number of Fairtrade certified organizations, farmers and workers, and Fairtrade Premium earned across all products for the year 2018. The most recent product specific data can be found under

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    Fairtrade West Africa Cocoa Programme Monitoring Report, First Edition

    Published: 3 Jun 2020

    Fairtrade launched the West Africa Cocoa Programme in 2016, seeking to build strong and viable Fairtrade small-scale producer organizations that are responsive to their members’ and business partners’ needs. Well-managed and democratically run producer organizations are better placed to build long-term relationships with ...

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    Fairtrade Living Income Progress Report

    Published: 9 Apr 2020

    Achieving living incomes for Fairtrade producers is at the heart of our mission and at the top of our agenda. In 2017, Fairtrade developed its Living Income Strategy, with a roadmap for making tangible progress towards living incomes. During the past year, Fairtrade has made important strides in moving the Living Income ...

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