SDG17: Partnerships for the Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved if everyone works together. With thousands of relationships globally, Fairtrade is uniquely positioned to help make this happen.

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Image courtesy of the United Nations

All actors – businesses, governments, civil society, producers and consumers – have a role to play in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. But supply chains currently favour companies over the farmers and workers working to grow the food we love. This can be a barrier to realizing the goals, by excluding the voices of those whom the SDGs are intended to impact most.

Small-scale farmers and workers need training and support to understand the markets they sell to, and to be able to negotiate on a fair, equal footing with buyers. Trade policy also needs to change to make it a level playing field for everyone.

How Fairtrade supports SDG17: partnerships for the Goals

Fairtrade works with a wide variety of partners – including hundreds of commercial partners, governments, academics, civil society, schools, universities, faith-based and grassroots campaigner groups.

By supporting Fairtrade, governments can bring about fairer trading practices which are key to ensure that economic growth goes hand in hand with social justice. Enabling producers to trade fairly is more sustainable than conventional development aid. Fairtrade’s investment and innovation in agriculture leads to development, jobs and higher standards of living and well-being.

Some examples of our innovative partnership work:

Fairtrade’s goals are aligned directly with the SDGs. Through our multiple relationships globally, we can support governments to build policies that enable fairer trade for all and which deliver on the SDG’s ambitious agenda. Partner with us on the journey!