Standard for Gold and Associated Precious Metals 2018


The revision of the Fairtrade Standard for Gold and Associated Precious Metals is a key instrument to align the standard with the market needs and producer realities with the following objectives.


  • Adapt the standard to the Artisanal and Small-scale Miners’ realities and market needs
  • Review and analyse outstanding issues included on the monitoring log on the Fairtrade Gold standard since the last revision
  • Include elements that address the specific reality of a supply driven market situation
  • Research requirements in other sustainability schemes
  • Review minimum threshold requirements to achieve Fairtrade certification; include requirements on commercial viability of organizations
  • Collect additional topics, issues and concerns on the Fairtrade Gold standard from relevant stakeholder groups including adaptation of standard to producer and market realities, enabling new business opportunities and securing existing ones, and increasing impact on producers
  • Consult on solutions with relevant stakeholder groups to resolve standard related issues
  • Ensure consistency in standards by aligning changes in all related standards, e.g. Trader Standard
  • Improve standard language for better clarity and simplicity
  • Develop final proposals for approval by Standards Committee

Project Assignment

EN | Project Assignment

ES | Marco General del Proyecto

Public Consultation

Fairtrade International invites you to participate in the consultation on the Gold and Associated Precious Metals Standard Review

Consultation period: From 01 February to 01 April, 2024

ONLINE SURVEY available (in English, Spanish )

In case you cannot access the online survey, you could download the WORD FORM below, please complete it and send it back to

EN | Review of the Fairtrade Standard for Gold and Associated Precious Metals - Consultation Document

ES | Revisión del Criterio Fairtrade para Oro y Metales Preciosos - Documento de Consulta