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    Living Income Reference Prices for Vanilla from Uganda and Madagascar

    Published: 17 May 2024

    Update in 2024:This report presents an updated study to inform a revision of the Fairtrade Living Income Reference Price for vanilla from Madagascar. A Living Income Reference Price is the minimum price needed for smallholder vanilla farmers to earn sufficient net income to afford a decent standard of living, given certain ...

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    Fairtrade West Africa Cocoa Programme Monitoring Report, Fourth Edition

    Published: 16 May 2024

    The Fairtrade West Africa Cocoa Programme seeks to build strong and resilient small-scale producer organisations that are responsive to their members’ and their business partners’ needs. It covers Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Implemented by Fairtrade Africa and supported by Fairtrade International, the ...

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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Overview - Monitoring Report, 15th Edition

    Published: 8 May 2024

    This report summarises data on Fairtrade certified organisations, farmers and workers, production, and Fairtrade Premium earned across all products during 2022. For instance, 1,910 Fairtrade producer organisations representing more than 2 million farmers and workers earned €222.8 million in Fairtrade Premium in 2022. ...

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    Life cycle assessment of cut roses: Analysing the environmental impacts of Fairtrade (Kenya) and conventional (Netherlands) production systems

    Published: 6 Feb 2024

    Fairtrade Max Havelaar Switzerland and the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB) commissioned a study to determine the environmental effects of cut roses of different origins and production systems. This is a follow-up to a similar 2018 study, aiming to measure updated production practices and impacts. A total of three ...

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    Fairtrade Living Income - Progress Report 2023

    Published: 21 Dec 2023

    Achieving sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers and workers is at the core of Fairtrade’s mission. In order to enjoy sustainable livelihoods, farmers need to earn sufficient income to practice sustainable agriculture and afford a decent standard of living. In reality the gap to a living income is still large for ...

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    Supporting shared responsibility: Fairtrade human rights and environmental due diligence report

    Published: 8 Dec 2023

    Fairtrade's first human rights and environmental due diligence report explains how Fairtrade conducts due diligence, including identifying, addressing, remediating and tracking human rights and environmental risks and challenges in Fairtrade certified supply chains and its own operations. It describes the fundamental ...

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    Fair Trade Movement position paper for COP28

    Published: 9 Nov 2023

    Fairtrade International, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office and the World Fair Trade Organisation jointly urge governments, businesses and world leaders to scale up efforts and take bold, immediate, meaningful and inclusive climate action before it is too late. Key demands include: Prioritising actions that both reduce ...

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    People and planet in business - A simple guide to how small and micro companies can start or strengthen their due diligence

    Published: 21 Aug 2023

    At Fairtrade, we are strengthening our work on HREDD, to support all our corporate partners in understanding, aligning with and thriving in this new paradigm, where due diligence work is becoming a global norm. It’s becoming increasingly mandatory for large companies to know of and mitigate harms that their operations pose ...

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    Sustainable agriculture under Fairtrade terms - At-a-glance

    Published: 24 Jul 2023

    What you need to know about our new sustainable agriculture policy, in a nutshell.

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    Baseline report: Sustainable agriculture under Fairtrade terms

    Published: 24 Jul 2023

    With this new sustainability policy, Fairtrade defines how it understands sustainability in social, economic, and environmental terms.

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