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  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Sugar – Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Tea – Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Flowers – Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Bananas – Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Participatory analysis of the use and impact of the Fairtrade Premium

  • The external costs of banana production: a global study

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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade – eighth edition – 2016

    Published: 11 Apr 2017

    Our 2016 monitoring report was presented as a microsite. Visit the 2016 monitoring report microsite "In this report you will find a rich variety of data and charts about Fairtrade’s work across different products and regions. Behind the figures there are human stories like Freddy’s. These stories exemplify how Fairtrade is ...

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    Does fair trade change society? Executive summary: final report

    Published: 2 Mar 2017

    This study was conducted by research institute CEval between September 2015 and September 2016, on behalf of TransFair e.V. (Fairtrade Germany), Engagement Global, Brot für die Welt, Forum Fairer Handel und MISEREOR, with financial support from the Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung. It examines the impact of fair trade in Germany ...

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    Gender strategy 2016-2020: Transforming equal opportunity, access and benefits for all

    Published: 20 Dec 2016

    The Fairtrade Gender Strategy seeks to attain gender equality and women’s empowerment in producer organizations through building women’s and girls’ power and agency. The strategy aims to deliver a transformative approach to gender mainstreaming in the Fairtrade system.

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    Fairtrade coffee: A study to assess the impact of Fairtrade for coffee smallholders and producer organisations in Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, and Tanzania

    Published: 15 Dec 2016

    Fairtrade commissioned the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich to conduct an evaluation of Fairtrade impact in the coffee sector, focussing on small-scale organizations in Indonesia, Mexico, Peru and Tanzania. The research examined in what ways Fairtrade coffee farmers and their organizations ...

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    Fairtrade theory of change

    Published: 9 Dec 2016

    Fairtrade International has developed a Theory of Change for Fairtrade as part of work to improve the Fairtrade Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system.The Theory of Change captures the range of things Fairtrade does as a system (i.e. its interventions) and relates these logically to desired immediate, mid-term ...

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    2015-16 annual report: Driving sales, deepening impact

    Published: 6 Sep 2016

    Our 2015-16 annual report was presented as a microsite, and provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics. Visit the 2015-2016 annual report microsite "Our new 2016-2020 strategy – ‘Changing Trade, Changing Lives’ – aims to realize that possibility by delivering more impact for farmers and workers. We’re ...

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    A brewing storm: The climate change risks to coffee

    Published: 24 Aug 2016

    Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand commissioned this report by the Climate Institute to better understand the extent to which climate change is impacting coffee production globally. It is hoped that insights gained from this report will lead to greater engagement, from the coffee industry and consumers, with key ...

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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade – seventh edition – 2015

    Published: 9 Jun 2016

    This report gives the results of the 2014 monitoring data collection from Fairtrade certified producer organizations. It presents the scope and scale of Fairtrade in 2014, and gives data on key Fairtrade performance indicators – from a producer perspective. The report also captures the results of more detailed research ...

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    Fairtrade and cocoa – 2016

    Published: 30 Apr 2016

    Around 50 million people globally depend on cocoa for their livelihoods, while governments in producing countries rely on earnings from cocoa to finance economic and social development programmes. This briefing from the Fairtrade Foundation offers an overview of the cocoa industry and explains why and how Fairtrade is ...

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    Fairtrade certification in the banana hired labour sector (baseline study)

    Published: 22 Apr 2016

    Fairtrade commissioned independent consultants LEI Wageningen UR to conduct this study to provide baseline data for future impact assessments. The study gathered data on a range of socio-economic indicators to assess the impact of Fairtrade certification on workers in the banana hired labour sector in the Dominican ...

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