Supporting shared responsibility: Fairtrade human rights and environmental due diligence report

Published: 8 Dec 2023


Fairtrade's first human rights and environmental due diligence report explains how Fairtrade conducts due diligence, including identifying, addressing, remediating and tracking human rights and environmental risks and challenges in Fairtrade certified supply chains and its own operations.

It describes the fundamental elements of Fairtrade's mitigation and remediation actions – such as rightsholder engagement, minimum prices and Premiums, direct support for producer organisations, programmes, and advocacy.

The report also includes aggregated audit scores on Fairtrade certification criteria related to human and environmental rights for producer organisations and traders audited in 2022.

"Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence (HREDD) is becoming increasingly obligatory.
If conducted fairly, HREDD can be groundbreaking in advancing human rights and environmental sustainability in global supply chains. However, fairness doesn’t come automatically. That’s why we’re calling for fair due diligence, based on dialogue with rightsholders – the people whose rights may be harmed by business – along with fair cost sharing, collaboration and continuous improvement."

-- Sandra Uwera Murasa and Melissa Duncan, from the report's Foreword