Make your business more sustainable through Fairtrade

Sustainable consumption and sustainable business practices have become the expectation, rather than the exception.

Whether your business is completely new to Fairtrade or it is already selling Fairtrade products, this section will provide you with the information and resources you need.


Your next step:

1. Make sure your product is under our scope

Our Standards cover a wide range of products, from cocoa and coffee to honey and spices... even footballs. Only products for which a Fairtrade Standard exists can be certified and licensed to use the FAIRTRADE Mark.

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2. Get Certified

Are you a producer, manufacturer or trader of unfinished products, such as coffee beans or bulk tea? If so, you must get certified. Fairtrade requires that every operator (up to the final product) must be certified against the Fairtrade Standards, in order to assure that the product are produced and traded under fair conditions.

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3. Start using the FAIRTRADE mark

- For products in bulk: If you are a certified operator selling products in bulk to other businesses, you can use the Mark on your wholesale packaging with prior written approval from Fairtrade International.

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- For finished products: If you are a brand selling finished products to consumers or retailers, and you want to use the FAIRTRADE Mark, you must complete a licensing contract. When the FAIRTRADE Mark appears on your product(s), consumers trust that your ingredients have been sourced according to Fairtrade Standards.

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4. Find out more about our new due diligence services

If you are already one of our licensees, perhaps you are interested in expanding what you do with us. Here you find more information about our due diligence services.

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