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  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Summary - Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Evaluation of Youth Inclusive Community-Based Monitoring and Remediation System on Child Labour (YICBMR) as implemented by Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA)

  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Asia and Pacific region - Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Cocoa - Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Coffee – Monitoring report, 10th Edition

  • Fairtrade: Sustainable trade for sustainable development

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    2008-09 annual report: Fairtrade leading the way

    Published: 3 Jul 2009

    Welcome to our 2008-09 annual report in which we highlight the progress we have made to strengthen the position of producers in this most challenging environment, and to adapt Fairtrade to the global market in which we now operate. 2008 was a year like no other and it is to be hoped that we will never see another like it ...

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    The impact of Fairtrade labelling on small-scale producers: Conclusions of the first studies

    Published: 30 Apr 2009

    This 2009 report outlines the findings of studies on Fairtrade's impact on small producer organizations. The six case studies chronicle how Fairtrade supports development. The research includes cocoa, coffee, banana and mango producers from different countries in Latin America.

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    2007-08 annual report: An inspiration for change

    Published: 10 Nov 2008

    In this report we outline how Fairtrade works, our achievements in 2007 and our direction for the future. Inspiring achievements of 2007: Global sales increase by 47 percentFirst South to South Fairtrade productsAgreements are made to increase Fairtrade Minimum Prices for coffee Introduction of Fairtrade Minimum Prices ...

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    2006-07 annual report: Shaping global partnerships

    Published: 8 Aug 2007

    Our annual report for 2006-07 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics. "It is just ten years since Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) was created in April 1997. The 14 National Labelling Initiatives, which were at that time operating independently in their respective markets, came ...

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    Buy fair: A guide to the public purchasing of Fair Trade products

    Published: 3 Nov 2006

    This leaflet is meant to provide clear and simple advice for public authorities wishing to purchase Fair Trade products. The guide includes the following: An introduction to Fair TradeAdvice on minimising legal uncertainties in procurementActual text that can be used directly in public tendersSuggestions for other ...

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    2005-06 annual report: Building trust

    Published: 13 Jul 2006

    Our annual report for 2005-06 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics. "This is exactly what Fair Trade has been trying to convey: that the best way to give small-scale producers in developing countries a real opportunity towards a better life is to give them a fair chance to produce and market ...

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    2004-05 annual report: Delivering opportunities

    Published: 30 Jun 2006

    Our annual report for 2004-05 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics. "FLO and its member national Fairtrade labelling organizations participate in trade justice campaigning, parallel to bringing more focus to their activities by making the empowerment and development of disadvantaged producers and ...

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    Synthese de l’etude d’impact du commerce equitable sur les organisations et familles paysannes et leurs territoires dans la filiere cafe des Yungas de Bolivie

    Published: 28 Apr 2006

    Le commerce équitable crée les conditions d’un réel développement pour les producteurs du Sud. FLO et Max Havelaar France éprouvent le besoin de quantifier les bénéfices du commerce équitable auprès des producteurs certifiés. En collaboration avec des ONG comme AVSF, il a donc mis en place un vaste dispositif de mesure ...

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    2003-04 annual report: Shopping for a better world

    Published: 1 Jul 2004

    Our annual report for 2003-04 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics. "The bottom line for Fairtrade is impact: a better life for small-scale producers in developing countries; a widespread commitment by consumers to buy from these producers and pay a price that allows them to have enough to eat, ...

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    Fairtrade bananas impact study: Dominica, Windward Islands

    Published: 30 Jun 2004

    A study on the impact of Fairtrade bananas on the Dominican (Windward Islands) economy.

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