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Fairtrade is a global system. The map below shows the many organizations that are part of Fairtrade – often the organization closest to you is best placed to answer your questions, whether you’re a shopper, supporter, business, or producer.

Click on the map to get contact information for the organization in your area.

Our website contains a wealth of information about Fairtrade, but may not answer every question you might have. Feel free to contact us.

To help ensure we can respond, please select the nature of your query and follow the guidance there.

You want to become a Fairtrade producer?

Learn how to become a Fairtrade producer here.

Your business wants to trade and sell Fairtrade products?

Learn more about Fairtrade for businesses – from sourcing and certification to licensing options – here.

You’re a journalist and want to make a press/media query?

For national and local media queries, please contact the Fairtrade organization or producer network nearest you (consult the map above).

For global outlets, please contact

You’re a researcher or you have a question about Fairtrade’s impact?

Fairtrade strives to understand the impact it is having for farmers and workers around the world, and research is a key part of how we do that.

The Fairtrade Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) programme is based on regular monitoring of certified producer organizations, combined with in-depth evaluations by external researchers. More details of our approach are available here.

To contact our MEL team, please use the form below.


You’re a student conducting research?

Research students at the Secondary, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels regularly contact Fairtrade International, national Fairtrade organizations, and producer networks to request support with their research assignments. The support requested varies but often includes access to data, access to Fairtrade member organizations, or access to Fairtrade producer organizations.

High-quality work by research students has the potential to provide an effective way for Fairtrade to gain learning on lesser studied products and countries as well as focused studies on some of Fairtrade’s thematic areas such as gender and climate change. However, Fairtrade must weigh the projected gain of research projects against limited staff and financial resources.

All research engagements with students are guided by our student research policy. If, after reviewing the policy, you believe that you fit the criteria for engagement, please submit a one-page research summary to

You’re looking for the Fairtrade Minimum Price or Premium?

Visit our pricing database. You can search for product names and find the Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium rates.

You have a question about Fairtrade Standards or Pricing?

Contact details for Standards/Pricing projects

Each Standard setting project has an identified contact person to whom stakeholders should address their comments and questions.

For the name of the relevant person, consult the Standards Unit workplan. There you’ll find the relevant project manager’s name and email address.

Contact details for general information related to standards or pricing

In addition, for general topics related to standards, standard setting and standard areas which are not currently dealt with by a standards project, stakeholders can contact the Standards and Pricing Unit using the form below.


You want to report a complaint or allegation about the use of a FAIRTRADE mark?

Do you have a question or complaint about a product you bought with a FAIRTRADE Mark on it?

It's usually best to contact either the product's manufacturer/brand, or the store where you purchased the product (particularly if the product is defective). Generally, Fairtrade is focused on the initial production and trade of the raw ingredients, rather than the manufacturing or packaging of finished products.

However, if you would still like to report misuse of the FAIRTRADE Mark, you may use the form below.


You have a query about a vacancy, tender, or consultation?

When we post jobs, calls for tender and public consultations, we almost always include the contact details of the relevant person in the documentation. Please check in the opportunities listed here.

You are a certified operator and would like to use the FAIRTRADE mark on your product packaging or promotional material?

If you want to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on a finished product packaging, the product must meet the requirements of the international Fairtrade Standards. More details are available here.

If you already are a certified operator and want to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on wholesale packaging (for example a transportation box, wholesale packaging label, a drum, etc.) or promotional material (for example, on your website, brochure, stand, social media post, etc.), please contact our Artwork team using the form below.


You would like to reproduce some of our content or material?

Please identify the material you would like to reproduce and explain your intended usage.


Do you have a complaint or allegation about conduct that may violate Fairtrade's approach and rules?

Complaints or allegations about conduct that may violate Fairtrade’s approach and rules are welcome, and can help us to trigger investigations and mitigation efforts.

  • If you are aware of any violation of Fairtrade policies and procedures, Fairtrade International regulations and services, please get in touch with the Quality Manager at Fairtrade International at For more information on the standard operating procedure regarding complaints and allegations, click here.
  • FLOCERT, the independent certifier for Fairtrade, also has a complaints and allegations mechanism you can use.
  • If you have a complaint regarding certification or licensing, please contact please contact and consult the Fairtrade International Oversight Procedure here.

You have a query not covered by the above options?

If your query doesn’t fit one of the other categories and you can’t find an answer on our website, you may send us a message using the form below. We do our best to respond to all queries.


Please note that the Fairtrade International office is closed on weekends.

Any information you submit will only be used to receive and respond to your query. See our privacy policy for more detail.

At Fairtrade International we have been made aware of fake websites and email communications pretending to be issued by us or in association with our organisation. We urge you to be wary of unsolicited emails, phone calls and texts that offer you very advantageous investment returns, or ask for personal or financial information. For more information visit this page.