Standards work in progress

New Fairtrade standards are set and existing standards are reviewed on a regular basis. This process involves wide consultation with stakeholders.

484 Sugar Cane Cart 870
A farmer loads sugar cane onto his cart.
Image © Didier Gentilhomme

In the Standards and Pricing Unit workplan you can find at a glance all ongoing and planned projects of the current year. More detailed information on specific projects is published below.

Click a project's name in the list to view the relevant information.

  • Project assignments provide details on project start and end, project objectives and central contact person within Fairtrade International. You are invited to comment on these project assignments through the project assignment feedback form.
  • Project profiles provide similar information as the project assignments, but at a higher level of detail.
  • Public consultation documents present the draft standard to the public for comments within a given time period. Stakeholders interested in taking part in the standard setting or review process are invited to submit their feedback using the formats offered by Fairtrade International.
  • Consultation feedback summaries provide the main results of a consultation process once it has been closed and explain how these results where taken into account for the next draft version of the standard.

Ongoing Standards projects