Our strategy

Our global Fairtrade strategy is based on the premise that social and environmental justice are at the heart of sustainability.

Our 2021-2025 strategy has been shaped by global forces for change, both external and internal. Climate change, inequality and consolidation of market actors, growing demands for social justice, the pandemic that tore through the world in 2020 – all have contributed to the call for change.

The issues that Fairtrade has championed for the past 30 years – responsible business practices, fairer prices for farmers, better treatment for workers – have taken centre stage.

We want to build a world where fairness is the norm. Where everyone benefits from quality products, and enjoys quality of life. It’s a shared belief based on our common humanity.

That’s why our global strategy is based on three key tenets:

  • Decent livelihoods are a human right.

  • Social justice drives sustainability.

  • Radical collaboration powers deep impact.

These tenets support four main areas of our strategy:

1. Shifting the balance of power

to farmers and workers, so they can build resilience to climate change, secure decent and sustainable livelihoods, and support women and young people.

2. Growth and innovation

through tailored solutions, new services, and expansion into untapped markets.

3. Advocacy and citizen engagement

that unites with partners to drive policy action on power imbalances in supply chains, inequality, human rights risks, and climate change.

4. Digitalization for fairer supply chains

including maximizing physical traceability in our supply chains, as well as ensuring fair access to information for producers – and the ability to make use of it.

We also look to the Sustainable Development Goals, with a target date of 2030, as part of how we measure our contributions to achieving a sustainable world. By aligning our indicators with the SDGs, we unite our actions to a global movement that directly addresses inequality, and social and environmental justice.

A better future is here. Will you be a part of it?

To reach our ambitious goals we rely on strong partnerships, because we understand that we are stronger when we unite.

Whether you’re someone looking for the best products, a business that wants to embrace a fair and sustainable supply chain, a farmer that wants to be part of a fairer way of doing business – you are Fairtrade.

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EN | The Future is Fair: An introduction to our 2021-2025 strategy