Our partners

Fairtrade enables positive change through long-term partnerships working towards a common goal.

Fairtrade is about partnerships. We bring stakeholders across global value chains together to change things for the better through long-lasting, impactful collaboration. Our strategic partners bring expertise and value added to our work, while our Funding Partners invest and help finance our programmes and projects.

Strategic Partners

The following strategic partners are contributing to generate greater impact with Fairtrade’s work. We work with them on objectives crucial to our mission, and to achieve systemic change.

B Lab

The partnership commits B Lab and Fairtrade to knowledge-sharing and collaborative efforts in the development of standards, advocacy, public campaigns and mobilization, as well as the joint creation of special programmes and projects in pursuit of the SDGs as the world races towards the 2030 deadline, also known as Agenda 2030.

Fair Trade Advocacy Office

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office operating from Brussels, has a mission is to speak out for Fair Trade and trade justice to improve the livelihoods of marginalised producers and workers. The FTAO focuses its political advocacy work on EU policies and provide input on global EU policies.

Global Deal

Fairtrade is a partner of the Global Deal, a global partnership led by the Swedish Government, ILO and OECD, that aims to contribute to Goals 8, 10 and 17 of the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Fairtrade’s work on decent work, increased productivity, gender equality and inclusive growth will help contribute to the Global Goals’ aims of advancing economic and social justice

Global Living Wage Coalition

Fairtrade International is a founding member of the ISEAL Global Living Wage Coalition advocating to improve wage levels in certified supply chains. The long-term goal and shared mission of the Global Living Wage Coalition is to see improvements in workers' conditions, including wage levels, in the farms, factories and supply chains participating in our respective certification systems and beyond. Learn more about Fairtrade’s work on Living Wage here.


Fairtrade is working with Grow Ahead, a leading crowd-funding platform addressing the local challenges of climate change, to deliver comprehensive climate mitigation solutions to smallholder farmers through resource mobilization for targeted agroforestry efforts. Learn more.

IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative

Fairtrade and IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative have signed a partnership to accelerate joint work towards enabling living wages and income in food supply chains Learn more.

Inter-American Foundation

Fairtrade International, the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), and the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC) partnership aims to boost income and food security for small-scale farmers, bolster resilience, and improve natural resource management in Latin America and the Caribbean. Learn more.

International Cocoa Initiative

Fairtrade International joined the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) as a Non-Profit Contributing Partner. The partnership enables the two organizations to learn from each other, improve their existing operating models, and reach more children and their families in cocoa communities in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana to achieve a shared goal of eliminating child labour and enabling child protection. Learn more.

International Trade Centre

Following a successful joint pilot project in Ghana supporting cocoa producers to diversify their livelihoods through yam, we have agreed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the International Trade Centre to build producers resilience through dynamic agroforestry, livelihood diversification and market access. Learn more


The Brussels-based Fair Trade Advocacy Office and UNCTAD joined forces to improve the living and working conditions of artisans, workers and smallholder farmers and producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Learn more.

World Banana Forum

Fairtrade International is an active member of the World Banana Forum represented on its Steering Committee, and on working group on distribution of value, working group on workers’ rights and on the gender equity task force.


The partnership commits UNIDO and Fairtrade to work together to support producers in global supply chains in key areas such as market access, impact investment, corporate sustainability, the implementation of human rights and environmental due diligence - including technical support to transition to agroecology and build climate resilience. More information available here.

Gold Standard

The Fairtrade Climate Standard was developed in collaboration with the Gold Standard, an internationally recognized organization with expertise in climate and development projects. The Fairtrade Climate Standard is an add-on standard to Gold Standard certification of carbon emissions reductions and sustainable development benefits.

Global Coalition for Social Justice

Fairtrade is part of the over 100 advisors to the ILO’s Global Coalition for Social Justice to advance SDG8, including INGOs, UN agencies, workers’ organisations and government bodies. Through knowledge sharing and advocacy, this ILO initiative seeks to reduce global inequalities, alleviate poverty and meet essential needs of workers in global value chains and beyond, by promoting international labour standards and social dialogue.


Fairtrade’s collaboration with MPS, the Dutch certification scheme for the horticulture sector, focuses on environmental footprinting and environmental data exchange. This includes a joint project reviewing banned active substances and exploration of combined audits in the future.

Funding partners

Our funding partners support financially different initiatives both Fairtrade International and other Fairtrade organisations are running across the world.