Standard for Contract Production

Fairtrade Standard

This is the standard for small-scale producers who are not yet democratically organized.

As a temporary measure, they can join Fairtrade if they have a partnership with an organization (such as an exporter or NGO) that will assist them to form an independent organization.

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Cotton farmers in India.
Image © Subindu Garkhel

The Contract Production Standard applies to cocoa in the Pacific; rice and cotton in India; and cotton, dried fruit, almonds, apricot seeds and walnuts in Pakistan.

For dried fruits, almonds, apricot seeds and walnuts nuts in Pakistan the standard is only applicable for existing certified operators.

The Standard is also extended to selected rotational crops produced in rotation with or as intercrops in cotton and rice for producers who are certified for cotton and rice in India and cotton in Pakistan.

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This standard applies to all contract production operators certified by Fairtrade and is valid from 1 March 2014. It came into force on 1 April 2014 and is applied to all audits from that date onward. This version supersedes all previous versions.

EN | Contract Production Standard

ES | Criterio para Producción por Contrato

FR | Standard pour la production contractuelle

Product-specific standards for Contract Production

Additional standards apply to for particular products. Part of the standards also applies to the companies that trade with them.

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