Measuring our impact

A robust monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) programme is key to understanding the outcomes and impact of Fairtrade and improving our approach.

17463 Auditor Coffee Farmer 870
A FLOCERT auditor speaks with a coffee farmer at a Fairtrade cooperative in Mexico.
Image © Stefan Lechner / FLOCERT

The Fairtrade Monitoring Evaluation and Learning programme was approved by the Fairtrade International Board in November 2013.

The Fairtrade MEL programme is based on regular monitoring of certified producer organizations, combined with in-depth evaluations by external researchers. Find full details of our approach in the following document:

Fairtrade International MEL programme – ISEAL Impacts Code public system report (2023)

A commitment to transparency

As part of Fairtrade’s commitment to transparency and learning, we publish the results of our annual monitoring data collection, our commissioned evaluation research, and commodity briefings.

Visit our library to access these publications, or browse our Impact section for the latest monitoring data.

Learning guides our work

Since 2014, Fairtrade has been systematically synthesizing the results from research and monitoring to develop a better understanding of our impacts, and areas of relative strength and weakness. We integrate these results into our strategy, decision-making and planning processes.

We are committed to keeping learning and improvement at the heart of our organizational development.