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  • Fairtrade West Africa Cocoa Programme evaluation

  • Climate Academy Guide - Kenya 2021

  • Cocoa farmer income: The household income of Fairtrade cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire and strategies for improvement

  • How does Fairtrade mitigate violations in global supply chains?

  • Women's access, equity and empowerment: Progress and uptake of the Fairtrade gender strategy

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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Bananas – Monitoring report, 10th Edition

    Published: 5 Jul 2019

    Note: We began reporting key monitoring data differently starting with 2017 figures. Product-specific reports for the top seven Fairtrade products by volume are being added as they become available. The Fairtrade banana sector is going from strength to strength. Sales figures are increasing, as are the number of certified ...

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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade: Flowers – Monitoring report, 10th Edition

    Published: 19 Jun 2019

    Note: We began reporting key monitoring data differently starting with 2017 figures. Product-specific reports for the top seven Fairtrade products by volume are being added as they become available. Fairtrade first began certifying flowers in 2001 to address labour rights and environmental challenges in the industry and ...

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    Literature review on public attitudes to fair trade and ethical consumption

    Published: 10 May 2019

    Trade Fair, Live Fair launched in 2017, is a three-year project funded by the European Union (EU) that brings together 21 organizations, including Fairtrade International, in the fair trade and ethical fashion movements across Europe to mobilize European citizens to drive changes towards achieving sustainable consumption ...

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    Participatory analysis of the use and impact of the Fairtrade Premium

    Published: 18 Feb 2019

    Researchers from LISIS conducted a mixed-methods-based study to analyze how the Fairtrade Premium has been used by Fairtrade organizations and how it generates benefits for Fairtrade producers and their communities. Five cases were explored: a coffee/cocoa small-scale producer organization (SPO) in Peru, a cocoa SPO in ...

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    Life cycle assessment cut roses

    Published: 12 Feb 2019

    This study was conducted by Treeze, a life-cycle assessment consultancy, and commissioned by Fairtrade International and the Migros-Genossenschafts Bund (MGB) in Switzerland to update the available data on the environmental impacts of cut roses from different origins destined for the Swiss market. The study used primary ...

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    The external costs of banana production: a global study

    Published: 6 Feb 2019

    While it has long been accepted that the commercial production of bananas has negative impacts on the environment and on society, these ‘external costs’ have never been methodically evaluated or captured in prices. Increasingly, however, businesses are being required to internalize such external costs by stakeholders in ...

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    Small Producer Organization (SPO) development, strengthening and resilience

    Published: 17 Dec 2018

    Researchers from Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in the Netherlands conducted a qualitative baseline study of 55 small-scale producer organizations (farmer cooperatives) in six countries – Côte d’Ivoire, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico and Peru. The objective of the research was to provide insights into the conditions, ...

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    2017-18 annual report: Working together for fair and sustainable trade

    Published: 17 Oct 2018

    Our annual report for 2017-18 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics. "When we look at the difference Fairtrade makes, the most important measure is whether farmers and workers are seeing greater benefits from Fairtrade. Revenue from Fairtrade sales is a key indicator, as is the amount of extra ...

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    Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade – ninth edition – 2017

    Published: 16 Aug 2018

    This report presents the 2016 monitoring data on Fairtrade certified producer organizations, covering all products and countries, with a special focus on the seven major products that represent a livelihood for more than 90 percent of all Fairtrade farmers and workers. It presents the scope and scale of Fairtrade in 2016, ...

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    Baseline for assessing the impact of Fairtrade certification on cocoa growers and cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire

    Published: 10 Aug 2018

    Fairtrade International and Fairtrade Africa commissioned the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and Bioversity International to carry out baseline research with smallholder cocoa growers and their cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire. The baseline will form a framework for stakeholder engagement and improved intervention design, ...

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