• Coffee to go?

    La roya. Leaf rust. Words which strike fear into the hearts of tens of thousands of coffee growers around the world. And climate change creates the conditions for it to spread.

    Learn how Fairtrade farmers are fighting back.

  • Fiji Sugar Farmers Adapt to Survive

    Like many low-lying small island developing states, Fiji is especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and no one knows this better than the sugar cane producers.

    See how Fairtrade is supporting these farmers to build resilience to climate change.

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  • Coffee Farmers Go Back to School

    As climate change makes coffee farmers' livelihoods increasingly uncertain, Fairtrade is responding with what must be one of the most unusual schools in the world – the Fairtrade Climate Academy.

    Learn more about the Academy and see our video.



  • Creating Innovations, Scaling Up Impact

    Fairtrade continues to innovate and expand on behalf of farmers and workers. Global Fairtrade sales topped €7.8 billion in 2016, showing the purchasing power of ethical consumers is making a lasting change. Fairtrade undertook ambitious work to support living wages and living incomes, and to foster new ways for commercial partners to engage.

    Learn more in our annual report

  • Fairtrade’s Impact — How Do We Measure Up?

    We commissioned a review of Fairtrade to see how well it enables farmers and workers to make a better living. Researchers from the Overseas Development Institute initially combed through more than 500 independent research papers on Fairtrade, then honed in on 45 to pull together their findings.

    Read our blog post on the results and access the full report


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