Want to work for trade justice? This page gathers opportunities to be part of the global Fairtrade system – jobs, tenders, public consultations, and other opportunities.

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Fairtrade staff dressed as bananas speaking with people about the benefits of Fairtrade. You don't have to wear a banana suit to work with us, but you might enjoy it!
Image © Ann-Katrin Persson

Positions at Fairtrade International

Fairtrade International is the central office for the global Fairtrade system, located in Bonn, Germany. Available positions are listed below.

Tenders from Fairtrade International

Here is a list of current tenders and calls for candidates from Fairtrade International.

Public Consultations

Fairtrade International sometimes conducts public consultations to gain insights and inputs on improving our approach and work.

Vacancies at other Fairtrade Organizations

This section lists select vacancies at Fairtrade member organizations. For more complete listings, please consult the websites of our producer networks and Fairtrade organizations.

  • No current vacancies listed, but please check the organizations' own websites for full listings