Product Standard for Small-scale Producer Organizations

This standard covers the purchase and sale of honey.

The Fairtrade Standard for Honey covers the requirements which are specific to honey producers and traders.

Fairtrade honey producers must comply with both the Fairtrade Small-scale Producer Organization Standard and the Fairtrade Honey Standard. For producers this standard complements, and should be read together with, the Fairtrade Small Producer Organization Standard.

Honey is the sweet substance produced by honey bees from the nectar of blossoms or from secretions of or on living parts of plants, which they collect, transform, combine with specific substances, and store in honeycombs.

This standard also covers secondary products and their derivatives. A secondary product can be a by-product, a co-product or a residue produced in the country of origin. By-products of honey production are for example propolis and beeswax.

Standard for Small-scale producer organizations

This product-specific standard applies to small-scale producer organizations as explained here. Together, the Fairtrade Standard for Small-scale Producer Organizations and the product standard above define the terms of trade. Please read both documents for further guidance.

Does your company want to trade this Fairtrade product?

Aspects of this product standard also apply to companies that wish to trade with producers. The product standard above works in conjunction with the Fairtrade Trader Standard to outline the terms of trade for this product.