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Choosing to make your business more responsible, while supporting farmers and workers worldwide, was a great decision! Once you've checked our scope of products to ensure what you produce or sell is included, the next step is to get your company certified.

What is certification?

Certification means that an independent auditor will check your supply chain to ensure compliance with Fairtrade Standards. After you've passed, you'll officially become certified.

The Fairtrade certification system is rigorous, independent, and in line with best-in-class certification practice. FLOCERT, based in Germany, is Fairtrade's independent auditor. FLOCERT is an ISO 17065-accredited enterprise.


If you are a producer, trader, importer, exporter, or manufacturer, you must get certified, which means going through an audit process that will give you the right to trade Fairtrade-certified products in bulk.

If you are a brand and want to sell your finished products with the FAIRTRADE Mark, you must apply to become a licensee. All licensee applicants may only source from Fairtrade-certified operators. If your supply chain is not currently Fairtrade-certified, they must become certified before you may become a licensee.

Next Step

- Contact our independent certifier, FLOCERT - an ISO-17065 accredited body based in Germany. FLOCERT offers resources and support to guide your company through certification.

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