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Here you can find producers and businesses around the world that sell Fairtrade certified products. This directory includes:

  • Fairtrade certified producer organizations and traders
  • Fairtrade licensees

Type in the FLOID, organization name, or country into the search box, or use the filters in the left panel to explore the directory.

Licensing Status

  • Licensed: These businesses are licensed to use the FAIRTRADE Marks by national Fairtrade organizations (NFO) or Fairtrade International. The Marks are licensed for use on the specific products that meet the internationally-agreed social, environmental and economic Fairtrade Standards.
  • Not Licensed: These organizations are not allowed to sell finished products with a Fairtrade Mark. Producers and traders that are certified don’t have to be licensed - They can sell unfinished products under Fairtrade conditions.

Licensing Body

The FAIRTRADE Marks are protected trademarks of Fairtrade International and can only be used by businesses that have a contractual relationship with a licensing body. In countries with a NFO, the NFO is the licensing body. Fairtrade International is the licensing body in all other countries.

Certification Status

  • Certified: This means that the organization has met the relevant Fairtrade Standards and is allowed to trade under Fairtrade conditions.
  • Not Certified: This means one of the following things: that the organization does not need to be certified as defined in Fairtrade Standards; that the organization has a pending application for certification; or that the organization’s certificate has been cancelled, voluntarily or otherwise. To find out more please contact the relevant organization and/or certification/licensing body, directly. If not licensed, the organization cannot trade under Fairtrade conditions. If licensed, they can still sell finished Fairtrade products.
  • Suspended: This means one of the following things: that the organization hasn’t submitted a corrective action plan or evidence of compliance on time, or that major non conformities have been found. To find out more please contact the relevant organization and/or the certification body directly. Note that the organization’s permission to trade under Fairtrade conditions is restricted. Please check the relevant Fairtrade Standard to understand these restrictions.

Certification Scope

  • Standards: This indicates which Fairtrade Standard applies to the organization
  • Products: This indicates which Fairtrade product the organization is certified to trade.

Certification Body

The certification body is the independent entity authorized by Fairtrade International to certify that its clients comply with the requirements of the Fairtrade Standards.

Please note that this directory is still being developed, linking data from several internal sources. It is not yet complete and may in rare cases not be accurate. After a certificate is cancelled, the organization will remain in the directory for up to one year.

You should always obtain direct confirmation from your supplier or buyer about their certification/licensing status before entering into a contract. If you have any concern regarding the status of a producer or business please contact FLOCERT or the relevant Fairtrade organization.

If you have queries about this database please contact us at assurance@fairtrade.net.