2017-18 annual report: Working together for fair and sustainable trade

Published: 17 Oct 2018


Our annual report for 2017-18 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics.

"When we look at the difference Fairtrade makes, the most important measure is whether farmers and workers are seeing greater benefits from Fairtrade. Revenue from Fairtrade sales is a key indicator, as is the amount of extra funds or Fairtrade Premium earned by producer organizations to invest in their businesses or in community projects of their choice. In 2017, Fairtrade Premium earnings topped €178 million. One way we’ve expanded opportunities for producers is to allow companies to include more Fairtrade certified commodities as ingredients in composite products (via the Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient model)."

– Darío Soto Abril, Global Chief Executive Officer, Fairtrade International, from the report's foreword