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  • Implementing Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence - Traders

  • Implementing Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence - Plantations

  • Impact of Fairtrade on flower workers and market access of flower farms in East Africa

  • A Fair Price for Human Rights Due Diligence

  • Fairtrade certification and producer resilience in times of crises

  • 2021-2022 Annual Report

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    Fairtrade’s contribution to a more sustainable world

    Published: 31 Dec 2010

    The focus of this paper is on Fairtrade's role in sustainable development.

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    The great cotton stitch-up

    Published: 30 Nov 2010

    Cotton is at the heart of agricultural and economic development in many African countries. It makes a vital contribution to foreign exchange earnings and accounts for a significant proportion of GDP and tax income. This report by the Fairtrade Foundation shows how, in the 10 years since the initiation of the Doha ...

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    Fairtrade child labour position paper

    Published: 2 Nov 2010

    This paper explains Fairtrade's position on child labour and how it works to stop and prevent child labour within producer organizations.

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    Assuring consumer confidence in ethical trade

    Published: 31 Oct 2010

    Given the rapid increase in ethical labelling schemes around the world and the need to better understand the problems associated with inaccurate and unreliable claims, an "Ethical Trade Fact-finding Process" (ETFP) was set up in May 2007. The process was led by a Steering Group (SG) consisting of Consumers International, ...

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    The benefits of Fairtrade – second edition: A monitoring and evaluation report of Fairtrade certified producer organizations for 2008

    Published: 19 Aug 2010

    As the volume and value of Fairtrade sales grows across the world there is an increasing need to measure and demonstrate the impact of Fairtrade on farmers and workers, their families as well as the wider community. It is crucial for the Fairtrade system to know to what extent its objectives are being achieved. To gain a ...

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    Fairtrade tea: Early impacts in Malawi

    Published: 30 Jun 2010

    This briefing paper is drawn from a research study exploring the impact that Fairtrade is having for three tea producing groups in Malawi. It is intended to benchmark the situation for the organisations, farmers, workers and wider community in the first year or two following certification and identify the initial impacts ...

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    Impact of Fairtrade in South Africa

    Published: 30 Jun 2010

    This briefing paper is drawn from an independent research study carried out in 2010 exploring the impacts that Fairtrade is having for five Fairtrade certified producer organisations in South Africa that sell Fairtrade citrus, table grapes, wine grapes, wine, apples, pears and raisins into the UK and other countries. The ...

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    2009-10 annual report: Growing stronger together

    Published: 22 Jun 2010

    Our annual report for 2009-10 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics. Fairtrade’s worldwide recognition gives us the opportunity, and responsibility, to set ambitious goals. Over the past year, the Board of Directors, staff and members got down to work on achieving the objectives of our Global ...

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    Climate change, agricultural adaptation and Fairtrade: Identifying the challenges and opportunities

    Published: 31 May 2010

    Climate change is projected, with high degrees of certainty, to have mainly negative impacts upon agricultural production, food security and economic development, especially in developing countries. It thus poses significant challenges for the Fairtrade movement. This report sets out what we know at present about those ...

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    Climate change and Fairtrade: Why is it time to make the links?

    Published: 30 Apr 2010

    Here it is highlighted how Fairtrade can be used as a vehicle to address climate change and the related consequences faced by Fairtrade producers.

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