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Fairtrade standards are set in accordance with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice on Standard Setting. This process involves wide consultation with stakeholders.

Decisions about Fairtrade standards are made by the Fairtrade International Standards Committee.

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Standards & Pricing Unit work plan

The standard setting process is managed by Fairtrade International’s Standards & Pricing team, which publishes its annual workplan as part of good practices in standards setting.

Download the Standards & Pricing Unit Workplan for 2017

Procedures for setting Fairtrade standards

The procedures below describe the process followed by Fairtrade International’s Standards & Pricing Unit when creating new standards and revising existing standards:

ISEAL Code of Good Practice for setting Standards

Consultation process

When new Fairtrade standards are proposed or existing Fairtrade standards are reviewed, the procedures require that relevant stakeholders are consulted.  Stakeholders can comment at each stage of the process: 

1. Project description: sometimes a project description is included to provide background that mainly relates to the scope and objectives of the new or revised standard.

2. Standard drafts: comments mainly relate to specific questions and proposed content.

3. Comment period: after publication of a standard, stakeholders may formally comment within a given time frame. Comments are considered for scheduling the review of the applicable standard. At the end of the timeframe for formal feedback, stakeholders may still submit their comments at any time to Standards & Pricing.

Fairtrade International Standards Committee

Decisions about Fairtrade Standards are taken by the Fairtrade International Standards Committee. Members are appointed and its Terms of References are approved by the Fairtrade International Board.

Download the list of Standards Committee members

The Standards Committee ensures that decisions taken on standards take into account the views of all the relevant stakeholders and are in line with Fairtrade International's mission and policy statements.

The Standards Committee meetings in 2017 will take place on

  • November 29 - 30

The Standards Committee meetings in 2018 will take place on

  • March 21 - 22
  • June 25 - 26
  • September 27 - 28
  • November 22 - 23

Minutes of the Standards Committee

In its meetings, the Standards Committee not only decides on the revision of the standards, but also on the planning of other works and policies related to standards.

For the Minutes of the latest Standards Committee meetings, please see below:

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