Fair Trade Movement position paper for COP28

Published: 9 Nov 2023


Fairtrade International, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office and the World Fair Trade Organisation jointly urge governments, businesses and world leaders to scale up efforts and take bold, immediate, meaningful and inclusive climate action before it is too late.

Key demands include:

  • Prioritising actions that both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help communities adapt is becoming more urgent than ever.
  • Remaining structural barriers need to be addressed. Producers must have access to financial products and services that are tailored to their needs to allow them to become more climate-resilient and transition to sustainable agriculture. This includes flexible repayment terms, lower interest rates, and simplified application processes.
  • The loss and damage fund agreed at COP27 must not get bogged down in endless discussions about who pays what. The most climate-vulnerable countries already suffer disproportionately for a climate catastrophe which is not of their making.

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