Fairtrade Standards Review on HREDD 2023

Synopsis of consultation on HREDD in Standards

The public consultation took place from 19 June 2023 until 29 August 2023.

The following synopsis document aims to present the outcome of the consultation in the most transparent way possible without disclosing confidential stakeholder information:

EN | Synopsis on HREDD in Hired Labour consultation

EN | Synopsis on HREDD in Trader standard consultation

Public consultation on HREDD in the Fairtrade Standards

The consultation is open from June 19 to August 28, 2023. You are kindly invited to participate and give your feedback

To fill in the questionnaire on HREDD in the Fairtrade Standards, please choose:

Hired Labour Standard - Consultation

Trader Standard - Consultation

To fill in the questionnaire on HREDD in the Fairtrade Trader Standard

ONLINE SURVEY available (in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese)

In case you cannot access the online survey, you could download the WORD FORM below, please complete it and send it back to standards-pricing@fairtrade.net

EN| Consultation on Trader Standard Review on HREDD

ES| Consulta sobre la Revisión del Criterio para Comerciantes en temas HREDD

FR| Consultation sur la Révision des Standard pour les Acteurs Commerciaux concernant HREDD

PT| Consulta sobre a Revisão do Criterio para Comerciantes sobre HREDD