1 Sep 2020

Travel from home with Fairtrade recipes

In a season when traveling is limited, Fairtrade offices across the globe share recipes you can make at home to travel the world

This year summer holidays have certainly looked different due to COVID-19. Perhaps your upcoming exotic trip got cancelled, or you were not able to visit your family and enjoy that dish which reminds you of childhood. Food has the power to transport us across time and space, and in a season marked by uncertainty, we wanted to celebrate that.

That's why during the month of August, Fairtrade offices across the world have shared different recipes from their countries. Taking your taste buds from your own kitchen to destinations such as Italy, Colombia, or Austria (among others).

Peruvian Causa
Travel to Peru, by making a Peruvian Causa with Fairtrade Avocados

From waking up with Swiss bircher müsli, to drinking a refreshing sesame smoothie from Japan, take a look at the recipes below and get ready to start cooking. Naturally, all recipes include Fairtrade ingredients, which benefit farmers and workers worldwide.

In addition, we have included the recipe for the Gratitude Cakes baked by fair trade twin towns, Puducherry and Auroville. For the past months, their citizens and businesses have come together to bake cakes for frontline workers in the midst of Covid-19.