Trader Standard Review 2021


Fairtrade is a strategy that aims to promote fairer trading conditions and empower producers to combat
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The goal of this review is to find solutions for identified issues in the trade, to align the standard with
market needs and to address these (where relevant) in the generically applied requirements in the Trader
Standard. The input from all relevant stakeholders, including producers and Producer Networks, traders
and National Fairtrade Organizations, Fairtrade International staff, product managers, assurance
providers, and market facing units is critical to this goal.


• Review and analyse outstanding issues on the Trader Standard since last revision
• Collect additional topics, issues, and concerns on Trader Standard from relevant stakeholder
groups and recent studies
• Explore mechanisms to address or limit occurrences of unfair trading practices1 (UTP)
• Explore options for Human Rights Environmental Due Diligence (HREDD) implementation by
traders, including measures to identify, prevent, mitigate, and remediate any human rights
violations and environmental harm in the supply chain as well as risk assessment and grievance
• Explore options for co-investments in HREDD implementation throughout supply chain
• Explore paths to facilitate the Trader Standard in enabling achievement of Living Income and
Living Wages
• Evaluate the practicality of ‘Voluntary Best Practice requirements’ concept in all relevant standard
sections, including requirements on management of environmental impacts
• Integrate outcome based standard requirements in the Trader Standard
• Evaluate feasibility of including other supply chain actors in the scope of certification
• Seek solutions from stakeholders to resolve standard related issues
• Consult on solutions with relevant stakeholder groups
• Ensure consistency in standards by aligning changes in all related product standards
• Ensure alignment of introduced changes in standard with existing digital supply chain tools (e.g.,
• Improve standard language for better clarity and simplicity
• Develop final proposals for Trader Standard for approval by Standards Committee