Tea standards and pricing review (2019)


A crucial component of the global tea strategy is a standard and pricing review. The objectives of which are:

Standards review

  • Review and analyse outstanding issues included on the monitoring log for both the Tea Small Producer Organizations (SPO) and Tea Hired Labour (HL) standards
  • Consult on the inclusion of floor wages, improving working and housing conditions, among other topics
  • Seek solutions from stakeholders to resolve standard related issues
  • Consult on solutions with relevant stakeholder groups
  • Ensure consistency in standards by aligning changes in all related product standards in particular the Fairtrade Standard for SPO, Fairtrade Standard for HL and Fairtrade Trader Standard
  • Improve standard language for better clarity and simplicity
  • Develop final proposals for Tea SPO and HL standards for approval by Standards Committee (SC)

Pricing review

  • Collect data on costs of production using technical tools and workshops
  • Explore the impact of floor wages on the overall costs of production
  • Compile, validate and analyze collected cost of production data
  • Review of the Premium setting model and mechanisms
  • Develop the price and Premium proposal for consultation with stakeholders
  • Develop the price and Premium proposal for decision to the Standards Committee
  • Publish the new Fairtrade Minimum Prices and Fairtrade Premium

EN | Project Assignment (update 11 June 2019)

Public Consultation - First round

From 11th June 2019 until 10 July 2019. To take part in the consultation, please click on the following links:

To fill in the questionnaire:

EN | https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/...

In case you do not have sufficient internet access, you can download the Word form below. Please complete it and send it back to standards-pricing@fairtrade.net.

EN | Consultation document - First round

Annex to the questionnaire:

EN | Annex 1