Tea standards and pricing review (2020)

A crucial component of the global tea strategy is a standard and pricing review. The most important information about the project can be found in the Project Assignment:

EN | Project Assignment (update July 2020)

Public Consultation - Second round

The second round consultation for the project is taking place in 2 separated consultations:

- Tea Standards review: September 2020 (dates to be confirmed)

- Tea Pricing review: has taken place from 17th July to 3rd September 2020. Currently closed and analyzing responses.

Synopsis of the first consultation

The first round of public consultation took place from 11 June 2019 until 10 July 2019 (closed).

The following synopsis document aims to present the outcome of the consultation in the most transparent way possible without disclosing confidential stakeholder information:

EN | Synopsis First Consultation round

And you can still see the consultation document in the following link:

EN | Consultation document - First round