Standards review on Living Wage in Hired Labour with focus on bananas (2019)


To implement the Fairtrade Board decision to adopt strategic framework for Living Wage in banana in order to achieve the board’s objective stated in its 2016-2020 strategy, to reach a Living Wage for workers at certified banana plantations.


  • Collect, compile and clean data from MEL and FLOCERT for running the value pot models
  • Develop the value pot models for 5 banana producer countries
  • Develop a value pot proposal for consultation and recommendation to the Standards Committee, considering 3 value pots: cash distribution of the Fairtrade Premium, global base wage contribution and use of the Fairtrade Minimum Price (FMP)
  • Conduct a stakeholder engagement so as to ensure that the stakeholders clearly understand the proposal
  • Consult on solutions with relevant stakeholder groups
  • Develop a system for collection of quality data related to wage improvement at Hired Labour set-ups that will be used for economic modelling, tracking and evaluating of impact
  • Develop guidance for the implementation of Hired Labour Standard req 3.5.4. (i.e. providing clarity on what counts and what does not count as Living Wage