Lime Price & Premium Review 2020

The main goal of this project is to review the Fairtrade Minimum Prices and Premiums for limes. The project will consider developing an alternative price model for limes, based on FMP set as commercial prices (Quick Entrance or similar approach), and will consult stakeholders if the alternative approaches could be adequate for this product.


From 20th May to 20th June 2020, the consultation for reviewing the Fairtrade prices and premiums for limes is open:

EN | Consultation document

Del 20 de mayo al 20 de junio de 2020, la consulta para revisar los precios y primas Fairtrade para lima esta abierta:

SP | Documento de consulta

De 20 de maio a 20 de junho de 2020, está aberta a consulta para rever os preços e prêmios Fairtrade para Lima:

PT | Documento de consulta

Cost of Sustainable Production

Producers are also requested to share their Costs of Sustainable production latest by 20th June 2020:

EN | COSP & Guidance

Se pide a los productores que tambien compartan sus Costos de Produccion sostenible, antes del 20 de junio de 2020:

SP | CPS & Guia

Também é solicitado aos produtores que compartilhem seus custos de produção sustentável, antes de 20 junho 2020:

PT | CPS & Orientação

Project Assignment / Marco del Proyecto

The following Project Assignment contains the most important information about the project:

EN | Project Assignment

El siguiente documento (Marco general del Proyecto) contiene la información más imporante sobre el proyecto:

ES | Marco General del Proyecto