Coffee standard review (2019)


Improve the Fairtrade Standard for coffee, so that it contributes to a greater sustainability of coffee production and trade, fairer trade practices and sustainable livelihoods for coffee producers and their families.


  1. Align the Coffee Standard with the current Trader Standard (TS); and adapt TS rules to the specific context of coffee, if necessary.
  2. Align the Coffee Standard with the Fairtrade Standard for Small-scale Producer Organizations (SPOs). Explore ways to better ensure that certified producer organizations are genuine and viable SPOs, with the possibility to trade effectively their coffee in an increasingly challenging commercial environment, on the basis of fair trading conditions and with the potential to further develop and become empowered organizations, enabling sustainable livelihoods to their members.
  3. Define clearer rules on pricing and contract issues so that commercial actors and their activities lead to transparent and fair trade relations with producer organizations while recognizing their crucial role all along the value chain.
  4. Ensure consistency with international trade rules while promoting good trading practices in coffee.
  5. Apply the new standard design, including the changes that have been applied to Fairtrade Standards on simplification of wording, reorganization of requirements, deletion of redundancies, added or improved guidance and adapting the new standard layout.

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