14 Oct 2021

We Are All Fairtraders: In Belgium, Fairtrade Global CEO Kicks-Off New Awareness Campaign with Call to Build Fairer Futures for All

Nyagoy pose
Vivi Pham / Fairtrade Belgium

Fairtrade Global CEO Dr. Nyagoy Nyong’o joined Fairtrade Belgium in Brussels last Thursday to launch a new campaign aimed at celebrating the power of fairness and encouraging citizens in Belgium and across the world to do their part in working towards a more equitable future for all.

The We Are All Fairtraders campaign, launched by Fairtrade Belgium on 6 October to kick-off the country’s Fair Trade Week, builds off of the results of their recent survey which found that Belgian consumers are increasingly concerned about societal injustices and evermore convinced that responsible consumption and sustainable purchases are key drivers for building a fairer future.

“The clock is ticking as we fast approach our 2030 sustainability goals. The window to achieving a fairer and greener tomorrow is rapidly closing. And the voices of those demanding equity are growing louder and more urgent,” declared Dr. Nyong’o in her opening remarks at the launch, held in the center of the Belgian capital.

Nyagoy speech 3

“If there is time to act, that time is now. And Fairtraders, here in Belgium and across the world, are a part of the solution. You are part of the solution.”

As part of the campaign, Fairtrade Belgium awarded Fair Cards to leading cultural, political, and social figures who have delivered sterling contributions on social inclusion and gender equity initiatives. Dr. Nyong’o and Fairtrade Belgium CEO Nicolas Lambert were also received at the Royal Palace where they presented Her Majesty the Queen with the first Fair Card – a tribute to Her Majesty’s work on the Sustainable Development Goals and commitment to Agenda 2030.

Other Fair Card recipients include Meryame Kitir, Belgium’s Minister of Development Cooperation and Urban Policy, and Eliane Tillieux, the President of the Belgian Chamber of Deputies and the first woman to ever hold that role.

“The Fair Card initiative launched by my colleagues here in Belgium is a wonderful way for each and every one of us to take stock of our critical role within the global ecosystem and acknowledge the importance of fairness in building a better tomorrow,” Dr. Nyong’o continued.

“By purchasing a Fairtrade product, consumers know they too are helping to build a better, fairer world for all. Because by participating in the Fairtrade community, each individual can become a Fairtrader and drive change,” she added. “The future is fair. And we’re making it fair together.”

Visit Fairtrade Belgium for more information on the We Are All Fairtraders campaign.