29 Jun 2021

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Whether physically, mentally, financially, or emotionally: All of us have been affected in some way by the COVID-19 crisis.

The same applies to farmers across the world, whose stories often go untold.

Over the next six months, we are closely following three farmers to get a unique glimpse into their lives in the midst of a global pandemic. Farmers, an unscripted documentary filmed in Peru, Indonesia and Kenya, shines a spotlight on Fairtrade farmers Roberto, Ponisih and Caroline. The series uncovers their hope, fears and aspirations, as they tackle not only COVID-19, but the pressing challenges of gender inequality, climate change and a dwindling farming population.

Each film offers an intimate portrait of one of the farmers, who we will each visit again twice this year, allowing us to watch their story unfold and evolve. The first episode is out now.

Meet the Farmers

Roberto, Peru

A banana farmer, local radio host, restaurant owner, family man, and friend. Roberto is many things, but above all, a pillar of strength to his community. Living in a region hit hard by the pandemic, and sometimes forgotten, his resilience and care are needed now more than ever.

Episode available: 29 June

In Peru we meet Roberto, a banana farmer

Ponisih, Indonesia

In a community on the island of Java, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we meet Ponisih. A coconut sugar farmer who questions traditional gender roles, and breaks away from them. But will she be the last one to embrace her ancestors’ farming practices? With the effects of a global crisis looming, it will soon be time for the next generation to carve their path. The future of farming is at stake.

Episode available: 7 July

201123 Fairtrade International Indonesia Part 1 Fairpicture Story of Coconut Sugar Farmer 046
In Indonesia we meet Ponisih, a coconut sugar farmer

Caroline, Kenya

Caroline is a coffee farmer who does not fit the mould of a typical woman of her age in her community. Here, in rural Kenya, expectations and hopes of motherhood are high. But, in this same community she finds understanding, support and purpose. Against all odds.

Episode available: 27 July

In Kenya we meet Caroline, a coffee farmer

Local filmmakers to portray local stories

For each location, a team of local filmmakers with links to social activism is developing the stories. Each with its own style, true to who they are and what they see, they have been instrumental in creating moving, authentic portraits.

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This documentary and the activities are partly funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

For more information about Fairtrade activities on Covid-19 relief and resilience, visit Fairtrade's Covid-19 Hub.