28 Sep 2021

The journey continues – New episodes of Farmers documentary series now available.

From a rising cost of a living to the unexpected Delta variant and inner personal conflicts in a society that favours tradition: the fight goes on for Roberto, Ponisih and Caroline.

During the past months, local film makers have been getting closer to three Fairtrade Farmers across the world to capture how they rise up against a pandemic amongst other global challenges such as climate change, gender equality, and the next generation of farming. Part two is now available.

New episodes - Get ready to stream

Roberto, Episode two

Available as from 28 September

The second part in Peru takes place within the context of a new presidency. We go deeper into the world of banana farmers and the struggle between rising costs of living and dropping prices for bananas.

At the same time, we get to meet Roberto’s children. X and X share their career dreams and love for their hometown, La Noria.

Roberto - part two - documentary series
Roberto reads on the front page of the local newspaper the announcement about Peru's new president

Caroline, Episode two

Available as from 5 October

In this episode we get very close to Caroline as she and her husband embark on their first treatment at the city hospital to be able to conceive children.

The episode shows the spiritual side of the community, while at the same time diving deeper into the Women in Coffee Programme and what it means to bring support to all women, no matter their life choices.

Caroline - Part two - Kenya
Caroline and her husband attend a religious ceremony in the village of Setek

Ponisih, Episode two

Available as from 19 October

The community in the island of Java is suddenly struck by the Delta variant. This affects Ponisih and her family. Yet, there is hope as vaccines and resilience projects are rolled out

With the question mark on the future of farming we get closer to Ponisih’s daughters and their passion, dancing.

Ponisih - Part two - kenya
Ponishi and her daughter drive in the island of Java

To stream all episodes and learn more about the series and how it is made, you can visit the official website.

This documentary and the activities are partly funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

For more information about Fairtrade activities on Covid-19 relief and resilience, visit Fairtrade's Covid-19 Hub.