23 Jan 2023

Six things to expect from Fairtrade in 2023

6things2 Expect From FT 2023

By Sandra Uwera Murasa, Global CEO, Fairtrade International

As 2023 gets underway, it is time to focus on the road ahead. We have an ambitious strategy to guide us through to 2025, to shape a world which is fairer for people and planet.

Several milestones in 2023 will drive our ambition to create greater impact. Here are six key things you can expect:

1. For producers, by producers

Fairtrade’s three producer networks have set an ambitious agenda to build support for Fairtrade in their local markets. Business development projects with producers, tapping into the marketing and commercial knowledge of the national Fairtrade organisations, and other exciting programmes will support producers to add value at origin, increase sales, and strengthen local commercial partnerships. The producer networks are also getting their voices heard through local advocacy efforts, and are boosting producers’ capacity to negotiate with international buyers.

2. Innovation towards global services

Leveraging our unique approach to innovations, we shall put more focus on services which go beyond certification, and take a more innovative approach to business development. Working closely with FLOCERT, we will develop tailored services for both commercial partners and producers on our areas of expertise such as living income and wages, climate, and Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence.

3. Driving change through advocacy

Fairtrade’s 2023 advocacy agenda is focused on raising policy makers’ awareness of the huge challenges that small-scale farmers face, due to soaring production and export costs, unfair regulatory practices and market access challenges, to name just a few. We will keep fighting for producers to have a seat at the table and ensure that their voices are heard in key policy-making forums, such as the UN climate change conference, COP28.

4. More impact through increased transparency

We will launch a new digital platform, and run pilots with commercial partners on traceability of coffee and bananas, enabling more detailed information on the producer organizations in their supply chains, as well as aggregated volumes per country.

Working in partnership with IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative - we will conclude our data collection on living wages via their salary matrix. And within Fairtrade we will develop specific data collection processes to measure farmer household incomes.

5. Reviewing and strengthening core Fairtrade Standards

We are already busy working on revised Fairtrade Minimum Prices for our flagship product – coffee. Take part in the public consultation here. The new prices, which we shall announce in April, will better reflect current market realities, and aim to support fairer prices for small-scale coffee producer organisations who are facing a volatile business environment.

In addition, the Standards for Hired Labour, Traders, Contract Production, Climate, Fresh Fruit, Cocoa, Flowers and Plants, and Gold are all undergoing reviews this year.

6. Putting fairness top of mind

2023 will mark the tenth edition of our GlobeScan consumer research, which is being conducted across several markets, and we’re looking forward to new insights into the role sustainability plays on purchasing decisions. The last edition showed how social and environmental values increasingly drive consumers’ choices – and the high levels of trust that consumers have in Fairtrade.

Look out for thought-provoking and fun campaigns such as Fairbruary: the fairest month of the year. Will you join the challenge and become a Fairtrade hero?

These are only a few highlights of what’s ahead this year for Fairtrade. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all the latest Fairtrade news.

It’s an ambitious agenda – but together it is possible. Together, we can make the future fairer.