13 Aug 2020

Our condolences - Demise of Fairtrade Champion, Mr Prem Tamang

Fairtrade International is saddened to learn of the demise of Mr. Prem Tamang on 10 August 2020. We at Fairtrade and NAPP have lost a great supporter and friend.

Mr. Tamang served as an inaugural NAPP Board member, representing tea producers. He was a great supporter of the Fairtrade ideology and wholeheartedly shared the positive impact it was having on the lives of workers.

Having been born in a tea plantation worker’s family, Mr. Tamang was a true ‘son of the soil’. He was among the first from his community, with sheer determination and hard work, to progress through the ranks to become a tea estate manager. With his demise, the workers of Darjeeling tea estates have lost a leader, an elder brother, and a mentor.

His associates shared that Mr. Tamang was full of life and a determined fighter for just causes. We will honor and remember Mr. Prem Tamang as a Champion of Fairtrade for the region. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends, and community.