13 Jun 2023

Fairtrade's new business services: putting rightsholders at the heart of due diligence

Fairtrade introduces new services to support businesses of all sizes meet increasing ESG and due diligence expectations. These new services will offer companies support to identify serious human rights and environmental risks, and advice on effective measures for addressing them. Fairtrade’s unique way of working fosters stakeholder engagement and offers rightsholders genuine opportunities for voicing their views and influencing due diligence activities.

Fairtrade’s new services offer expert guidance to help companies understand the fundamental aspects of responsible business conduct. By partnering with Fairtrade, companies can establish a robust framework for identifying and addressing potential risks in meaningful stakeholder engagement.

“The paradigm shift we are witnessing in ESG discussions requires a lot from companies. It’s becoming a global norm for corporations to conduct due diligence, which is an ongoing pursuit rather than a tick-a-box exercise. At Fairtrade, we are glad to support our corporate partners in this journey”, says Sandra Uwera Murasa, Global CEO of Fairtrade International.

“In global supply chains, many human rights and environmental risks are rooted in poverty and inequality, which have to be tackled through collaboration. Companies cannot solve these structural issues alone – but need to do their part. With Fairtrade expertise and rightsholder engagement, we are in a one-of-a-kind position to support companies” continues Maija Lumme, Business Development Manager at Fairtrade’s Centre of Excellence for Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence.

Expert support built around company needs

Fairtrade is introducing four new services. Two of them focus on the very beginning of the due diligence cycle: Expert advice on the fundamentals of due diligence and your company, and Advice on human rights and environmental risk assessment. These services are mainly designed for companies taking their initial steps towards due diligence, but can also support companies that wish to deepen their rightsholder engagement.

The third service, Fairtrade's tailored risk report, caters to companies looking for detailed risk information on a selected product and a country of origin. Leveraging Fairtrade’s expertise and extensive networks, the risk reports will highlight the most salient risks and root causes, identified through rightsholder engagement.

Once a company has completed their risk assessment, we can support in planning effective and legitimate measures for prevention and mitigation. That is where our fourth service comes in: a Tailored prevention and mitigation plan on a selected risk and country. Our direct dialogue with farmers and workers and our decades of experience with businesses help make our recommendations both effective and practical.

Recognizing that each business is unique, our services offer tailored support for identifying and mitigating the specific risks related to their operations.

Fairtrade’s unique approach

“What sets Fairtrade apart from other due diligence service providers is our relationship with the rightsholders. At Fairtrade, farmers and workers are not just partners – they hold half the decision making power. So it’s in our DNA to earnestly seek for solutions that are meaningful both for rightsholders and businesses”, says Tytti Nahi, Fairtrade’s Director on Business and Human Rights.

Fairtrade's new business services offer a good suite of solutions for companies at various stages of their due diligence and ESG work.

By partnering with Fairtrade, companies can not only navigate the complexities of due diligence but also contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future. Join Fairtrade in building a business world that respects human rights and safeguards the environment.

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How to get started

Several Fairtrade Organisations are starting to roll-out these services, contact the National Fairtrade Organisation (NFO) in your country to get started.

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If there is no NFO where you are, please contact Fairtrade’s Centre of Excellence on HREDD: bizhumanrights@fairtrade.fi.

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