21 Mar 2016

International Fair Trade Towns Website is Live!

Since the Fair Trade Towns movement began, more than 1,750 towns in 26 countries have taken the pledge to push for a better deal for farmers and workers. A new website will help broaden collaboration and promote the movement around the globe.

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Fair Trade Towns logo

The website, www.fairtradetowns.org, celebrates all the great work achieved across the world and will serve as a resource for emerging Fair Trade Towns campaigns in countries such as the Lebanon, India, Ghana and Ecuador. Increasingly, Fair Trade producer countries, such as India, Brazil and Kenya, are also selling Fair Trade products and farmer groups are keen to be part of the campaign for fairer trade across the world.

The site is designed to give Fair Trade campaigners access to information on national campaigns as well as link with campaigners across the world. It includes tools to share best practices and to mobilize grassroots support for Fair Trade, to bring about social and political change in support of farmers in developing countries.

"It’s wonderful to have a website that truly reflects the strength, passion and growth of the international Fair Trade Towns movement. Since Garstang in the UK became the first Fair Trade Town in 2000, the campaign has become one of the strongest grassroots movements in the world. I hope the new website will be a successful hub of news and information for all involved with Fair Trade across the world," said Bruce Crowther, International Fair Trade Towns Ambassador.

Designed by a team in the Czech Republic in consultation with campaigners and stakeholders across nine countries, the site is a truly international partnership.

The effort is a collaboration between International Fair Trade Towns, Fairtrade International, and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

Visit www.fairtradetowns.org for more information.