1 Apr 2022

Fairtrade launches the world’s first upright banana

Fairtrade is committed to social justice and is taking further steps to make what is crooked right

Upright banana

Working together with banana importer AgroFair, and farmers from the banana cooperative Plátano Recto in Colombia, Fairtrade has created the first upright banana in the world. The upright Fairtrade bananas will be available in supermarkets as of today.

With the introduction of the upright banana, Fairtrade easily helps consumers make a sustainable choice.

“We are extremely proud of this great step. Fairtrade has been committed to better living and working conditions for banana farmers and workers for a quarter of a century. We do this by uniting farmers in cooperatives and empowering workers. In addition, Fairtrade is the only quality mark that requires non-negotiable payment standards. There is also extra attention for the environment and strict requirements for good working conditions. Fairtrade supports companies on their path to realizing living wages for banana workers in their supply chains. In short, Fairtrade proves that it straightens out what is crooked”, says Peter d'Angremond, Director of Fairtrade Netherlands.

Sustainable choices

Retailers want to make their range more sustainable, and consumers want to make sustainable and better choices when shopping. But, according to research, making a sustainable choice is sometimes quite difficult and confusing. By developing upright bananas we hope that consumers easily recognize them and are able to make a positive contribution. Because it’s only through working together that we can make the world fairer.

Better Together

The upright banana was created thanks to a unique collaboration with AgroFair and farmers from the Plátano Recto cooperative in Colombia. As normal bananas start to grow, the flower cluster becomes heavier and heavier. Gravity causes the truss to hang down and that is why the standard banana grows crooked. The truss stem of the upright banana is supported by an innovative method, with the result being that the bananas grow straight. “It has been 25 years since the first Fairtrade bananas with the Max Havelaar label were in Dutch supermarkets. AgroFair was the importer at the time. It is so satisfying to create and launch a new groundbreaking, banana together with Fairtrade.” Hans-Willem van der Waal, CEO AgroFair.

Available now! The upright banana is available as a limited edition as of today.