17 Dec 2015

Fairtrade International recognized for transparency

Fairtrade International is proud to be top of the list in Bond and Nido’s Transparency Review 2015 of 48 organizations, together with BBC Media Action and Oxfam.

The review looks at the openness and availability of information on international development NGOs’ websites, including on the transparency policy, organizational information, governance and finance, and activities and results.

According to the report: “Open, honest and active communication between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and their stakeholders about the work they do, the decisions they make and the results they achieve is crucial. This kind of communication increases transparency, can make NGOs more accountable to the people they work with and can increase the trust of partners and supporters.”

Bond also recognized Fairtrade International as being one of only a handful of organizations who systematically publish all their evaluations, compared with 65% of NGOs who published no results or evaluations on their websites in 2015. [Fairtrade evaluations available here]

“Fairtrade International is proud to be recognized for its transparency, and we aspire to go even further. Tackling poverty and unfair trade is a tough job. We want to communicate Fairtrade’s successes and challenges and identify where we still need to improve our effectiveness and share our learnings with others,” says Martin Hill, Interim CEO.