15 Sep 2021

Fairtrade Global CEO Welcomes Appointment of Rebeca Grynspan as Secretary-General of UNCTAD

Fairtrade Global CEO, Dr. Nyagoy Nyong’o, warmly welcomes the appointment of Rebeca Grynspan as Secretary-General of UNCTAD. Ms. Grynspan took up her new role on 13 September for a four-year term.

“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Ms. Grynspan on her new appointment. UNCTAD is a key stakeholder in the global conversation on trade justice and trade fairness,” said Dr. Nyong’o.

“As UNCTAD’s first female Secretary-General, and as a civil servant committed to building a better future for all, Ms. Grynspan will bring her invaluable expertise and perspective to the global trade conversation as we march towards Agenda 2030.”

Fairtrade and UNCTAD have a long and shared history in ensuring all workers and farmers receive a fair share of the benefits of global trade.

In 2018, the global Fair Trade movement and UNCTAD signed a Memorandum of Understanding and joined forces to promote a fair and equitable distribution of benefits among value chain actors, especially workers, artisans, smallholder producers and micro, medium and small enterprises.

“On behalf of the global Fairtrade community, we look forward to continuing our collaborations with UNCTAD in the pursuit of a more equitable, sustainable, and fairer world for all,” added Dr. Nyong’o.