The benefits of Fairtrade: A monitoring and evaluation report of Fairtrade certified producer organisations for 2007

Published: 7 Feb 2010


As the volume and value of Fairtrade sales grows across the world there is an increasing need to measure and demonstrate the impact of Fairtrade on farmers and workers, their families as well as the wider community. It is crucial for the Fairtrade system to know to what extent these objectives are being achieved.

To gain a better understanding of how Fairtrade benefits people, FLO is designing a comprehensive system for monitoring and evaluating impact. This report comprises information gathered by taking stock of existing information for 2007 on Fairtrade certified producer organizations during that time period. FLO will establish the new system over three stages, with the ultimate aim of having a responsive system that tracks and provides timely analysis of Fairtrade impact. This report marks the conclusion of stage one (out of three stages). It is designed for people working within the Fairtrade system around the world.