Monitoring the scope and benefits of Fairtrade – eighth edition – 2016

Published: 11 Apr 2017


Our 2016 monitoring report was presented as a microsite.

Visit the 2016 monitoring report microsite

"In this report you will find a rich variety of data and charts about Fairtrade’s work across different products and regions. Behind the figures there are human stories like Freddy’s. These stories exemplify how Fairtrade is transforming communities across the world. In 2015, we reached out to more than 1.66 million farmers and workers in 75 countries. Because of our work, they invested in innovative projects – providing better production facilities, training, health care, education or environmental protection.

"The great news is that investment went up in 2015. Fairtrade Premium payments – the extra sum of money paid on top of the selling price – grew by ten percent and producers’ Fairtrade sales revenues were up by 14 percent – mainly due to growth in banana, coffee, cocoa and flower sales. In total, more than €117 million of Fairtrade Premium receipts were channelled to Fairtrade certified organizations."

– Dario Soto Abril, Global CEO, Fairtrade International, from the foreword