2014-15 annual report: Global change, local leadership

Published: 3 Sep 2015


Our 2014-15 annual report was presented as a microsite, and provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics.

Visit the 2014-2015 annual report microsite

"Over the past year, we’ve trained and supported thousands of farmers to develop climate adaptation strategies. We have also developed the first ever Fairtrade certification scheme for carbon credits, which we’ll be launching at the climate change talks in Paris in December 2015. Our producer networks will also be there to voice farmers’ concerns about the effects of climate change on their crops and to advocate for further financial and technical support to adapt to these changes. It’s only through innovative collaborations that we can begin to make progress.

"Joining forces is also the key to unlocking better wages for those at the bottom of international supply chains. In 2014, we championed a new methodology to define a living wage in the countries and commodities in which Fairtrade works. Working closely with other certifiers, trade unions, companies and governments, we are looking at how we can enable employers to move towards these benchmarks and pay wages that people can actually live on."

– Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive, Fairtrade International, from her foreword