2003-04 annual report: Shopping for a better world

Published: 1 Jul 2004


Our annual report for 2003-04 provides an overview of key Fairtrade activities and statistics.

"The bottom line for Fairtrade is impact: a better life for small-scale producers in developing countries; a widespread commitment by consumers to buy from these producers and pay a price that allows them to have enough to eat, send their children to school and obtain adequate health care; and an increasing commitment by the worldʼs politicians and decision-makers to implement policies promoting sustainable welfare and development where it is needed most.

"In this report on our activities from mid 2003 until mid 2004, we report on our impact in these three areas. You can read about the development of Fairtrade labelling of fresh fruits, to create a new lease of life for those producers and workers in South Africa. We report on how the consumerʼs choice for Fairtrade certified products permits over 800,000 producers to invest in their future and that of their children. And you will read about increasing awareness among politicians about unjust trade relations and alternatives to that: Fairtrade."

– from the report's introduction