25 Jan 2024

Fairbruary 2024: How to participate in the February fairness challenge!

This February, let’s play fair! Unlock the secrets of Fairbruary and challenge yourself to be fair for 29 days, while discovering the exciting ways to join the movement for a fairer world.

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Each year, Fairtrade calls everyone to make February the fairest month of the year. For our third edition, the principle is the same: Living fairly is a mindset. It doesn’t have to be perfect – just try it!

In the pursuit of a world where fairness prevails, every single action, no matter how seemingly small, contributes to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow and create the things we love.

There are so many ways to act for a fairer and sustainable future. Whether you choose to promote fairness around you, buy fairly traded products such as coffee, flowers or chocolate, or even prepare a deliciously fair recipe, what matters is that you contribute and take action.

Did you know?

  • We have more than 37,000 Fairtrade certified products available worldwide, offered by more than 2,500 brands and sold in 143 countries A plethora of options to choose from! Learn more about our marks.
  • Fairtrade is the most trusted ethical label across the generations.
  • Fairtrade products and ingredients are independently certified by FLOCERT. Its auditors are highly qualified, usually based in the countries and regions where farmers and workers are located. They are familiar with local cultures, languages and legal systems.
  • Choosing Fairtrade products helps to tackle the climate crisis.

How to join the 2024 Fairbruary challenge?

You can take part in the Fairbruary challenge by registering for free at www.fairbruary.com. There, learn about the fair trade movement, explore our delicious recipe suggestions and take part in our challenges. The more challenges you complete, the more badges you win and the higher the chance you reach the ultimate goal: to become a Fairtrade Hero!

This year, the badges categories are:

Fairtrade Chef

Cook your favourite recipes from our suggestions.

Fairbruary 2024 Fairtrade Chef

Fairtrade Expert

Challenge yourself to quiz questions.

Fairbruary 2024 Fairtrade Expert

Fairtrade Foodie

Download the recipe booklet that is available on the website.

Fairbruary 2024 Fairtrade Foodie

Fairtrade Supporter

Get a certain number of Fairtrade products.

Fairbruary 2024 Fairtrade Supporter

To get started and learn more information on the campaign, visit www.fairbruary.com.