Tracking Fairtrade's Impact: results of household surveys with banana, cocoa and coffee farmers

Published: 20 May 2022


Fairtrade collected a broad set of data between 2016 and 2018 to get a snapshot of Fairtrade's impact for farmers and certified cooperatives (known as small-scale producer organizations or SPOs).

The aims were:

  1. To measure benefits of Fairtrade at the household, producer organization and community levels -- according to farmers and cooperative managers themselves
  2. To create insights into how Fairtrade contributes to building stronger and more inclusive producer organizations and better livelihoods
  3. To enable the three regional Fairtrade Producer Networks to deepen their understanding of producer organizations and adjust their support to best meet producers' needs

Almost 70 coffee, cocoa and banana producer organizations in 10 countries participated in this project through interviews with their managers and staff. In addition, 1,700 farmers were interviewed, and 72 focus group discussions with 649 farmers were held.

We created a set of infographics to share a snapshot of farmers' perspectives. In addition to the overview infographic, there are product-specific ones available: