Supporting Fairtrade Farmers and Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic - 2021 Survey results

Published: 1 Mar 2022


No matter where we are, chances are COVID-19 has significantly affected our lives. It can be easy to forget, but this is also the case for millions of farmers and workers who, despite of the ongoing pandemic, keep working in fields and factories across the world.

To support them navigate this crisis, we secured more than €15M in COVID-19 relief and recovery funding via a variety of partners. Even now, Fairtrade producers continue to use them to better support their communities and mitigate the short- and long-term effects of a pandemic yet to end. Measures varied across regions and ranged from ensuring immediate assistance in health, to diversifying crops, and developing training sessions among others.

This publication will give you a more in-depth look of what has happened so far, and we will continue to report about this matter as the situation develops. We extend a big thank you to our partners across the world, without their support this would have not been possible.

The report is available here in an interactive format, where it can also be downloaded.