Fairtrade Producer Satisfaction Survey

Published: 17 Jan 2020


This report summarizes the results of a survey of Fairtrade certified producer organizations about their satisfaction with the support services provided by the three regional Fairtrade producer networks.

The Fairtrade producer networks are regional associations that Fairtrade producer organizations may join if they wish. Producer networks are the front lines in providing support and getting important Fairtrade information to producer organizations, supporting them to understand and meet the Fairtrade Standards, and strengthening their organizations through trainings, workshops, and exchange visits on topics from good governance, to human rights, climate change adaptation and more.

The Producer Satisfaction Survey is a critical tool to enable us to understand how producer organizations value the support provided by the producer networks, and the actions they are taking as a result. This is one part of how we measure the impact Fairtrade is having for farmers and workers. With this information, the Fairtrade producer networks can learn, adjust their approach as needed, and better serve Fairtrade producer organizations in a way that strengthens them as well as the Fairtrade system as a whole.

The data in this report were collected in 2019, based on support services provided in 2018.

The report is available here in an interactive format, where it can also be downloaded.