Framework Partnership Agreement Project

Unlocking the Power of Producers and Workers to Drive Inclusive Trade and Development through Fairtrade

This project is co-funded by the European Union.

Timeline of grant:


Main project objective:

Small producers and workers enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future. Advancement are made towards SDG targets in particular 2 and 8, among others.

Target group:

Producer Organisations (POs); Producer Networks (PNs); Fairtrade International; National Fairtrade Organisations (NFOs); Private Sector; Government stakeholders

Project description

Fairtrade is supporting a process of regional organizational development through its Producers Networks. Since 2014, local leadership is developing with Asian, African and Latin-American Producer Networks now directly managing Fairtrade service delivery. Throughout this process, the Producers Networks are evolving to provide services in new countries, which underlines how Fairtrade continues to expand its work to support producer organisations at the origin.

The EU project seeks to strengthen producer network's governance and operational structure through a more inclusive representation of women and youth. Likewise, it seeks to strengthen Product Networks, the Workers’ Network and National Fairtrade Platforms (NFTPs), to effectively address the needs and priorities of producers and workers in the region. Furthermore, through the implementation of the project it will be possible to potentiate the activities and interventions that are led by producer networks, and which will ultimately contribute to their strategic plan, as well as establishing continuous improvement processes.

The projects expected outcomes are:

1. increase the influence of male and female small producers and workers from local to global level, and create a more inclusive, representative and efficient Fairtrade network;

2. strengthen the institutional and operational capacity of Fairtrade for coordinated actions at the global, regional, and national levels; and

3. reinforce the capacity of Fairtrade for coordinated actions at global, regional and national level, that effectively represent producer organisations and workers and promote the role and responsibilities of Fairtrade member organisations;

The project will be implemented at Fairtrade International and its three producer networks in Latin America and the Caribbean (CLAC), in Africa (FTA) and in Asia and the Pacific (NAPP), as well as the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO).

Key documents and reports